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  • **** Key Highlights **** * Med-Size Over-ear Gaming Headphones * Headphones LED: RED Illumination * Plug type: 3.5mm Jack + USB Plug * Driver size: Φ40 mm * Speaker Sensitivity: 112+/-3dB * Microphone Sensitivity: 38+/-3dB * Impedance: 32Ω+/-15% * Directivity: Omnidirectional **** Compete with Control **** The Fantech HG13 Gaming Headset is a wired stimulation headset that intensifies your senses for competitive gaming. Additionally, with Spatial Audio 360 positional sound and comprehensive audio settings, you may unleash your predatory nature in games. Also, a good mix of gaming and chat. **** Clear Sound **** Audio is used to produce sound in a sphere around the user. As a result, it allows you to experience greater spatial awareness in your game while engaging in really realistic combat replete with immersion, from an impending opponent's fast movements to the screaming engine of a bomber above. **** Ultra-Light Weight **** The Fantech HG13 gaming headset is both ultra-light and ultra-immersive, weighing only 318g. The super surround sound in a game allows you to fully immerse yourself in the action without using an additional audio device. **** Accurate audio **** Fantech has released the HG13, a new gaming machine. The Fantech HG13 boasts built-in surround sound software, so you'll be able to hear the action coming from all sides. It has 40mm speakers. This has been custom-tuned to deliver clear and balanced sound, from thundering explosions to tiny sounds in secret programs. **** Soft Headband Pad **** Fantech comfortable cushioning headband relieves pressure on your head and also prevents strain. **** Clear Communication **** A flexible and bending microphone with a high sensitivity design collects sound from an area localized on the mouth. In addition, this helps to reduce background noise from the rear and sides. You can record with cardioid patterns to ensure that you can hear your voice without picking up the background noise. **** Compatibility **** The Fantech HG13 is a new gaming headset with a microphone and USB port built-in. This headset is also used with a 3.5mm audio jack on a PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.
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